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Office Commander

Welcome our new Office Commander Denise Keyer.  Denise is from Roxboro and is a welcome addition to our staff.  She is excellent at filling the needs we have in keeping our Craftsmen organized, engaged and most importantly, helping our valued customers.



Durham Handyman, Craftsman Direct, Spring DIY

Spring DIY To Do’s…

As you take out the broom and rags to start the annual spring cleaning, don’t forget a few key outside maintenance tasks to keep your home happy inside, and out.

Clean gutters, Check Exterior Foundation Vents
Clearing leaves, sediment and other debris from gutters and exterior vents can help avoid larger problems from forming. When gutters are clogged, they are not able to direct the flow of rainwater away from the roof, walls and foundation, which can lead to erosion, water damage and ultimately mold or mildew. Exterior foundation vents aid in the circulation of air inside the home to ease excess moisture that can lead to mold. Simply removing the debris caught in gutters and vents can help stop those problems before they start.

Inspect Roof
Taking a routine look at your roof is a good step in catching problems as they occur to avoid having small issues turn into HUGE jobs. Watch in your gutters for small crumbles of your asphalt shingles, use binoculars or a sturdy ladder to check for loose or curling shingles. If you feel able you can work on and repair your roof, but if not find a trustworthy professional to help you maintain or replace your roof. Craftsman Direct, Durham Handyman has a team that can help you find exactly what you want and install it within days.

Repair Exterior Paint
The small painted areas around the exterior of your home are an easy DIY fix to address. Make sure to scrape away chipped, and flaking paint. Ensure that no wood is left bare, because this leaves the wood vulnerable to rot. Pressure washing the sides of your house and helps it to look clean and bright, but also can reveal any areas that need a refresh on paint. Craftsman Direct Durham Handyman offers painting services that cover exterior and interior, as well as a variety of paint products to suit your needs, should you decide the job becomes too large.

Some DIY love to the exterior of your home sends you into Spring with a happy home, and can help to avoid larger problems in the future.

Durham Handyman, Craftsman Direct, Spring, DIY

Durham Handyman, Craftsman Direct, Spring, DIY

Craftsman Direct Durham Handyman is here for any of your Springtime, Summertime, year round needs. Give us a call today for a free quote if you need help getting your home repaired and improved. 919-612-9000.


Craftsman Direct, Durham Handyman, Deck Construction

Decks and Porches, Durham Handyman

Decks and porches that are well built and maintained can add so much good to a home. Not only are they a place to host guests, but in mild times of the year they can become like an extra room to dine, relax and enjoy the outdoors. With a variety of styles and materials on the market, now is a great time to begin dreaming up your deck or porch. Craftsman Direct Durham Handyman is a versatile deck builder, and can help you sort through your options, and make your vision a reality.

Wood Deck Projects:

  • Composite Decks
  • Outdoor Patio/Deck
  • Screened Porch/Patio Conversions
  • Deck Repairs (flooring, stairs, etc.)
  • Pressure Washing and Refinish
  • Deck/Patio Terraces
  • Wood Deck with Stone Accents
  • Screen Porch-Patio Combinations

Durham Handyman. Craftsman Direct. Deck Construction. Deck Clean, Seal, Repair.

Contact Us for a Free Quote.

Craftsman Direct, Durham Handyman, Deck Construcion

Craftsman Direct, Durham Handyman, Deck Construction


Installing Siding – Durham Handyman – Craftsman Direct

Siding is a HUGE part of how your house appears from the outside. Not even the most extravagant of landscaping can hide the dulling effect of uneven, dirty or dilapidated siding. When finding someone to install your siding you want to make certain that a good job will be done from the planning and laying out, to the actual fastening of your siding. Craftsman Direct Handyman of Durham are professional, efficient and offer a variety of siding styles and colors. Craftsman Direct Handyman will give you a free quote on your siding job, finance the installation and help you register for the warranty offered by the siding manufacturer. Call for Craftsman Direct for your handyman needs in Durham and the surrounding areas. 919-612-9000

Craftsman Direct, Siding Installation, Durham Handyman

Craftsman Direct, Siding Installation, Durham Handyman

Wood Rot: Where to Look, How to Deal.

There are many different types of wood decay/rot but to a homeowner they are all the same: bad news. Wood rot can be spotted in places around the exterior of the home such as window frames, door frames and even siding. On the interior of the home, places that surround sinks, toilets and bathtubs are susceptible to wood rot, but in addition if a leak is experienced from the outside to the inside, or inside to inside (such as an upstairs sink leaking) these areas of walls and ceilings should be inspected.

Wood rot can be identified by discoloration in the wood or flooring. Wood rot can be spotted by flakey, swollen or soft wood, and often when you touch the suspected area it will crumble or give in easily to the touch.

Wood rot around Window Sill, Carpenter Repair

Wood rot around Window Sill, Carpenter Repair

Wood rot can spread from these small identified areas to consume other wooden parts of the home, which can cause major issues or even harm the structural integrity of your home. So, as soon as you identify wood rot, take action! Craftsman Direct Handyman offers a wide variety of carpentry repair and installation, including addressing wood rot in the home. Give Craftsman Direct Handyman a call at 919-612-9000 for a free quote and begin safeguarding your home from the spread of wood rot. We happily serve Durham and the surrounding areas with our handyman services.

Wood Rot Bathroom Floor, Carpenter Repair

Wood Rot Bathroom Floor, Carpenter Repair

Finding a Good Handyman

If you are finding the choice of a handyman daunting, here are a few key points to remember when deciding who to trust with your home improvement needs:

Do they have good ratings and credentials?
You want to have some indication that the handyman company you hire to work in your home has done a good job before, and consistently. Checking sites such as Angie’s list can help you see what other home owner’s have experienced under the handyman’s work.
Craftsman Direct handyman service has not only received numerous awards through Angie’s list, but has been complaint free for 10 years with the Better Business Bureau.

Get an Estimate and Plan
Talk with your prospective handyman company about what the expected cost will be, and an a general timeline so that you can be on the same page with the plan.
For your estimate, Craftsman Direct will set up a time to come and give you a free quote for your project. Call or go online anytime to schedule your appointment, and Craftsman Direct will come to see and talk with you about your project.


Craftsman Direct Home Improvement, Quality Handyman Service

Is the handyman service trustworthy?
When dealing with your handyman choice, you want to feel you can trust them and the work they will do. Are they insured? Do they provide a warranty?
Craftsman Direct knows that trustworthy people and work are the key to your choice in service. There is a 1 year warranty provided on the work done in your home. Craftsman Direct is licensed and insured, and ready to serve the home improvement needs of the Durham area.

Handyman Durham

Craftsman Direct has been in the home improvement business for over 20 years.  We are the experts when it comes to decks,  porches remodel Kitchens, Remodel Basements, painting exterior and interior, drywall we are your one stop shop for all of your home improvement needs.  With our office being in Durham we can go to any city anytime. Please call our home improvement office today to receive a free quote for your home. A A+ on the BBB and Angie’s List awards we can be your family Home Improvement source.